Bridge is an independent, multicultural and multidisciplinary agency.

Our work is about refining complex ideas into meaningful messages that understand Myanmar but speak to the world.

We specialise in:

From concept development to campaign rollout through print, TV, film, digital and activations, we’ve proved ourselves with the highest quality brands. Recent advertising work includes:

Our perception is our biggest asset as a brand consultant. We look at who you are and present the very best of you. Recent work in this area includes:

Engaging copy and the ability to move effortlessly between Burmese and English are a crucial part of our work. We offer copy writing, copy editing and translation in both languages, as shown in these recent projects.

Prints, products, merchandise, display, websites, interiors, experiences, graphics and concepts: we design anything you might need, and design theory informs everything we do.

Online planning, concept and design falls into this field, from Facebook or other social media to apps and websites that can reach to a rapidly growing new Myanmar audience.

From permanent museum display and exhibitions to office design or trade fair stands, we have in-house experience in curation, spatial design, installations and immersive experiences.

We have the in-house team to handle the whole film process from concept to pre-production, shooting and post-production.

As well as creative leads we have a wealth of art directors and produce original and Burmese-inspired artwork for posters, products and books and wherever else your project may call for it.

Photo-editing and manipulation, image-bank creation, advertising, studio or documentary shoots: photography plays an important role in much of the work we do.

And More..

We also work with a range of the highest quality Burmese and SEA partners.

These collaborations mean we can scale up and out quickly to meet large project needs, while ensuring contracted work matches our high standards.

Our Clients

We work with international brands seeking local relevance, exciting Myanmar businesses, government departments and large and small third sector bodies.

Why Bridge ?

A bridge is useful

For us, creative quality follows function – that means identifying and consolidating your message to engage your customers fully and achieve your short and long term goals.

A bridge connects

We connect you with your audience, the international with the local context, a difficult message with an engaging concept and your big idea with the channels it needs to succeed.

A bridge crosses

Problem solving is integral to our creative process, but also to operating in Myanmar. As a thriving Burmese business of over 3 years, we understand your difficulties and opportunities.